• 7.5 cents per square foot for regular maid service
  1. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, beds made, bathrooms cleaned thoroughly, kitchens cleaned in detail
  • 13 cents per square foot for deep clean
  1. All of the above plus baseboards, blinds, inside and top of refrigerators, tops of cabinets, 15′ and taller ceiling fans and ledges that are not easily accessible during regular maid rotation.


2 Responses to Pricing

  1. Rogina Baker says:

    I have read your blog that popped up on my Facebook page. I have recently retired from Metro School. I went to David Lipscomb and I taught there for some years. Lipscomb is very dear to my hear. I live in Windsor Tower, 4215 Harding Road. I would appreciate your checking with me, if you have time.
    Rogina Baker
    4215 Harding Rd. Apt 410
    Nashville, Tn. 37205
    Phone: 463 7622

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