Content, Value and Free Agency

I’ve learned from Kevin Miller that value comes from content and reliability. I think this is especially important in any service company.

In residential cleaning company Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC I concentrate on not just dusting a piece of furniture or built in shelf, but I want the customer to see without asking that I’ve gone the extra mile by dusting areas not seen to the eyes.

I don’t think it’s enough to give a customer a burger and fries. You need to give them a burger and fries with a smile and comment to enjoy them. We’ve got plenty of order takers, but what really separates the good from the great to borrow from Jim Collins are those who are deeply grateful for the customer who makes business possible.

Now you are going to get the occasional customer who cannot be pleased, but it’s a numbers game, so keep your head up as you cross paths with these people who didn’t get enough love from their family of origin. Draw boundaries when necessary, and when you don’t see the cliff before jumping don’t charge them a penny.

I would highly encourage you if you are looking to make the jump into self-employment, and you want to swing for the fence when doing so join Free Agent Academy. Kevin Miller is the son of Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, and 48 Days to Creative Income. Kevin has earned his stripes beyond being Dan’s son, and he most definitely stands strong with the incredible value and promise he holds for people like me. You just have to go get it from him! To find out more about my business acquaintance and brother in Christ go to Free Agent Uprising, and enter your information and the good folks over there will fire you up to me a Free Agent.

There’s nothing like it.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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