Starting Over

govolsCongratulations to my University of Tennessee Volunteers for beating Utah State handily at Neyland on Sunday. We got to be there, and it was a ton of fun as always. There’s nothing like football time in Tennessee, and that drive from Nashville to Knoxville is gorgeous!

Thank you to my father-in-law David for taking us all over there, and I know as a very big Vol fan and alum, David was thrilled to see the Volunteers pull out a W.

It’s been a rough decade for the Volunteers, and in some ways their struggle has mirrored the tough seasons we all go through personally and professionally.

I continue to thank my friend Paul Fox, who works for UPS in Miami, and taught me that we can’t always hit a home run, and in fact many times we strike out multiple times.

We don’t give up whatever the circumstance, and even when it’s the darkest, and we have no hope we keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Life is hard, and no one is exempt, but when we resolve never to give up we have a power that cannot be bought.

Waiting for things we want is hard. Sickness is hard. Getting defeated is hard, but many times those times define who we are more than the wins. We can lose and suffer year after year, but we never resolve to keep losing. God put within us the desire for hope, and that drive is what keeps us going.

There is no point of no return, and even when we do reach rock bottom we climb back up.

We identify we the likes of Cinderella. We love movies like The Blind Side, Hoosiers and A League Of Their Own because they show us people who faced the music and won.

When we weren’t allowed to sit at the cool kids table in high school we made a point to remember how that rejection felt, and we sought to fight through it.

We’ve lost those we love. We’ve been fired, and we quit jobs we hated. We’ve worked 12 hour days to build a business, and we’ve sat next to friends near death in the hospital. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because this is what life is about. It’s about working hard, loving our families and spending time with them.

Life is about acknowledging our short-comings, moving on and creating a better present and future than the past.

This is what Tomlinson Cleaning is built on.

I hope it’s what you’re building on in your life and work.

Go Vols!


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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