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93605One of my favorite followings on Twitter is @ValaAfshar. He is a well of rich wisdom. I want to take the time here today to share some “recent” favs.

Every great team has a: 1. storyteller 2. designer 3. builder 4. magician 5. stabilizer 6. fighter 7. explorer 8. dreamer 9. mentor 10. healer

I would call that particular Mr. Afshar tweet a meta-narrative description of an entire team. This next one resonates with me because for the first time I am in a position of leadership in a business context, and well frankly it hits me between the eyes.

Language of a good manager: 1. What do you think? 2. How can I help you? 4. I am proud of you. 5. You matter 6. I was wrong, I am sorry.

This next one is the one I’ve been trying to find for several days, but as you know being a biz owner, partner and dad interruptions happen all the time. I finally found it, and I’m sure Lorilee is glad I found it because she won’t have to listen to me mutter under my breath about “that tweet.” Without further ado. 

Future of work: 1. no resumes 2. no annual performance reviews 3. gamification widely adopted 4. full salary transparency 5. flatter hierarchies

I literally love this last list. Not only does it characterize Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC, but I think it makes it a place my Team Members want to come and work. 

We even broke bread in Brentwood during lunch recently where I outlined some of these very things to some people I hope will come on board as we make Nashville cleaner. 

As some of you know I went to college to become a youth pastor. That didn’t pan out as expected, and after a serious of detours here I am as a residential cleaning service owner. The last youth ministry I actively worked with had an incredible youth pastor who impacts my thinking to this day. One of his mantras that I think is Holy Spirit inspired is that when no one cares who gets the credit imagine what we could accomplish. 

I think this leadership skill can transfer to my business. 

I never ask a Team Member to do something I won’t do myself. I don’t sit back in my swivel office chair with my legs up on the desk barking orders at my pack. If I see a Team Member isn’t going to have the time to do a particular task I will beat them to it with no other word about it. That’s the kind of team leader I am. We cover each other’s backs and even when a worst case scenario of having to let someone go, we still have each other’s backs. 

This is part of why I hand pick my Team Members. I don’t let someone else do the hiring. Each one of us has a story to tell, and we’ve all been through tough stuff, but I think the best companies are those who trust a greater Being in bringing the people together who need to be together. That happens personally and professionally. 

As you go about your work in the marketplace try not to wring your hands in desperation because work is difficult. Bear with it, but develop an exit plan into something better, and trust that God is working out the connections that need to happen. He will also expect you to partner with Him in the pursuit of better. He never rewards a slothful approach to life. Make it appropriate, but make it, ship it and get feedback on what you shipped. 




About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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