The Stories We Tell

TIG_1021I’m reading The Story Factor by Annette Simmons. I got it in the business section of Granny White Pike’s Rhino Booksellers.

When I read a book I read it through quickly the first time, and then I read it a second time with a hi lighter in my hand. It helps me to mentally hold on to the nuggets of truth I mine.

This particular book has really gotten me to rethink how I view business. I’m leaning more to a view of how my residential cleaning story fits into my overall story and the things I’ve gone through. That’s probably why my favorite section of the Wall Street Journal is the Personal Journal. I like all the sections, but that especially connects with me as a memoir like writer.

This morning we had a lengthy to do list for a Saturday, and it began when I dropped my daughter Chloe off in Franklin for some talent show rehearsal with a classmate. I was then scheduled for an estimate in north Nashville. I didn’t hop back on the interstate till I stopped by Starbucks for a venti mocha. As I pulled up to the 96/Murfreesboro location I noticed the plethora of cars in line for their caffeine fix too, so I parked and went inside. I think the wait was equally as long. I finally got my mocha, headed out the closest door and made my way back to 65 north.

The delightful lady I gave the quote to and her lovely daughter were an encouragement in my entrepreneurial pursuits, and I think I encouraged her in her restaurant startup. I look forward to eating there. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it on here. It was also enjoyable because we knew many of the same people and organizations, but due to the “professional” state of our meeting I didn’t prop my feet up for a longer conversation. We could have easily talked for hours.

As I left there and went back south to Williamson County I was a bit early to get little bit, so I called Michael Zello to see if I could drop by for a few minutes before I had to pick Chloe up.

Michael and I have been friends for several years now, and we play together in the TyII basketball tournament, a benefit for Tennessee Donor Services. Ty was in our Lifegroup at the Woodmont Hills Family of God, and he passed away in a Texas hospital because the injuries he sustained were too severe after being struck by an automobile. He and some friends were on their way for Spring Break when they stopped to help a stranded motorist.  He was an organ donor, and his parents Ty and Nancy saw to it that many people’s lives went on with Ty’s organs. Paul More was the man who received Ty’s heart, and he received a warm welcome to the 2nd Annual TyII tournament in Allen Arena. Many were able to hear Ty’s heart with a stethoscope if they chose too.

Michael knows the pain Ty and Nancy go through because he and Tisha lost little Jonathan almost a decade ago, so when I asked him to be in the tournament he didn’t hesitate.

When we work hard to be present in the middle of another’s suffering our suffering becomes more bearable.

I think Stephen Covey would have called that a win/win. Terrible things happen in life and business, but when we band together as fellow human beings wonderful things happen as well.

As Annette writes in the book I mentioned above story connects us all on a deeper level than any amount of rules or regulations. Rules and regulations are important because God set them up even in the Garden, but His first priority was and is always relationship.

Let’s not forget that as we begin a new week.

See you next time.


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