Target Market Part 2: It’s not what you think.

AN-AA180_MUSICs_D_20140707181456Our refrigerator went out yesterday, so there I am scrambling to get my Team Member to where she needed to be doing what she needed to do.

I’m off to Lowe’s to purchase a fridge. I had in mind that they were going to be able to take the fridge straight to the house, but alas they were not available to do so.

I go home to pack up all the food and take it to my wife’s grandmother, so we would not have to make a second trip to the grocery in one week. Thank you Doris for the space in the ice box!

Finally, I get back to join up with Lorilee to service the account, and we work hard cleaning for a chunk of time. I look down at my phone and notice it’s about time to pick my daughter up from school. It’s also about to rain, and I need to put our dog inside. That means I have to leave Hermitage, go to Donelson, go to Green Hills, and then venture back to Hermitage to finish the account. Wew!

That’s just life in the city, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I love every mile I drive and step I take in this this beautiful place we call Nashville.

God is blessing our city, and I get to be on the journey with so many wonderful people.

I’m not complaining, but it’s frustrating when a day doesn’t go as you thought it’d go.

Today is similar, but I created a plan B that I think is going to work, and wouldn’t you know it I’m posting a fantastic post that I think is giving you hope as you multitask your own to do list.

My last post was about Tomlinson Cleaning’s target market, and it struck me as funny that even in our plan B’s we have decisions to make about who and what to focus on.

Even when a contractor is given a blueprint to build an edifice he has things come up that require him to make adjustments. Every other person in every other industry faces the same thing even when it’s something as simple as residential cleaning.

Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that all the i’s won’t get dotted, and all the t’s won’t get crossed. That’s the broken world we live in.

That also doesn’t mean we don’t try our best. I give 110% every day as my energy will allow, but being human means I’m going to fail and disappoint other people. I do not set out to do this. It just happens.

Maybe if I was Ironman I wouldn’t do this, but even Ironman is subjected to brokenness.

We make peace with that by embracing Taylor Swift’s message to Shake It Off, and when our work isn’t appreciated we move on as best we can without dwelling on it.

It’s easier said than done I know, but it is possible.

So now I bid you farewell till next time, and now I’m going to go read a book till my Team Member gets to the office.

Have a great day.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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