Work, Rest and Play

TIG_1061As I helped a friend strip some wallpaper I gleamed wisdom from her knowledge about the hospitality industry.

She helped management write training manuals, and it peeked my interest in my desire to write a book about cleaning. We talked shop while we worked, and it was incredibly enlightening. There are as many ways to do business as there are people. She talked about hotels from San Diego to Paris, and the way she described them was intriguing the way owners, management and corporate decide to run their particular hotel.

Later we got to enjoy a fireworks show with friends who work for months to put that gathering together. As I spoke with Tom about Tomlinson Cleaning’s plan to build a garage in the backyard for this maid service he talked a bit about the garage he built. I inquired about whether or not he had built an automobile lift inside, but he hadn’t, and he did elaborate on how he used a tractor to lift different things like lawnmowers to sharpen the blade.

It is incredibly inspirational to me to talk to people about their work. I love to read about people’s work, and I enjoy watching television documentaries be they reality tv shows like Duck Dynasty or actual documentaries that are true to life regarding the work others do.

As I was cleaning a house the other day I came across a magnet on a refrigerator that I think summarizes what work is doing for me right now.

Let go or be dragged.

You cannot make progress if you live in the past. You have to understand what let to the failures of the past, but if they define you or drag you down you will never get anything done.

You can learn a lot by watching other people work, talking to them about their work, reading about work and watching programming about work.

But be sure as well that you rest and play.



About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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