Our Contribution

IMG_1164In less than 2 hours my Team Member will walk through the door to clock in. Before that time I will get dressed, move 3 bikes off the back of my car, put our cleaning stuff in the trunk, and when my Team Member gets here we will go to Publix to buy a spray bottle, Swiffers and vinegar.

That sounds completely boring, but I love every aspect of that protocol. Being a business owner has been the best years of my life, and the possibilities for the future leave me feeling like a kid on Christmas morning before he goes downstairs to see what Santa brought.

I don’t do this to get. I’ve never really lived my life that way, but I know how to receive, and part of receiving is that you love to give. Some people are guilty in the bar and bored in church, but when a human being becomes completely alive in their life’s work they know life is both about giving and receiving. Those two things come out of hard work, whether you work for someone else or you work for yourself.

This is not politically correct, but when Jesus Christ came, He came to bring abundant life, and sadly, most of us never choose to embrace that abundant life. Day after day we keep trying to “earn” our salvation, and in the process we never truly see the goodness God is trying to give us. He doesn’t force it upon us, and if we reject the gifts He is giving us He does not make us take it.

The next time you want something don’t feel guilty because you think you are being materialistic. The Spirit will convict you if you are, rather embrace the desire that God has put that within our hearts to inspire and help others.

None of use lives in a vacuum. Even if we choose to reject church, family, friends or people at work our influence is nonetheless impactful on our circle of influence. We were created for community. And whether we live or die our contribution will be felt.

Let’s make it a good contribution.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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