Another Look at Dusting

Page-1-of-1.jpgDusting can be a bear sometimes. It doesn’t have to be, and so I hope this helps.

There’s really no easy way around it is the first step to recognize. The sooner you resolve that it must be done the same way on a frequent basis, not every time, the easier it becomes.

My simples solution is that all paraphernalia must be removed so that you can dust completely with no obstacles, and then you can put everything back. If you have trouble remembering where everything goes take a picture before you take everything off, and then you can refer to the picture to make sure you get everything back where it was.

Secondly, I would polish wood furniture with Pledge, Old English or Endust once a month so that your weekly dusting isn’t as tough. Obviously, these days will be more time consuming because you want to polish with the same protocol you use to dust. In other words remove all objects to polish said wood furniture.

Here’s a checklist.

  • Remove knick knacks, frames, statues, vases etc.
  • Dust where those objects laid.
  • Put those objects back.
  • Polish furniture at least once a month to make routine dusting easier.

Please don’t hesitate to reply with a comment whenever you have any cleaning questions. I’m more than happy to offer free advice or my own personal opinion.



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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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