Business and Pleasure

IMG_0589Each morning begins the same way here at Tomlinson Cleaning. My wife leaves before I do, so I get up and make coffee before she gets to the breakfast bar where we have a cup of coffee together.

When I look at that word together I think about all the business and pleasure moments that make up our lives, and in the midst of those I still contemplate the business versus pleasure conundrum.

As I sat at Coach Meyer’s memorial on Sunday it occurred to me that this great man who was not perfect brought together God, family and hard work that included over 100 former basketball players and coaches to pay homage to a man who earned every accolade he received. I did not know Don Meyer personally, but I got to be acquaintances with his grandson Chase and his daughters Brook and Brittney.  Andy McQueen and Philip Hutcheson are two players during the Meyer years at Lipscomb that I’ve had the most contact with and pleasure of networking. Shannon Terry, another Meyer inspired player has no doubt inspired me with his amazing ability to start Rivals and sell it for millions of dollars and 247sports which he currently leads as it’s founder and president.

In all of this name dropping each one of these people has a public persona and a private persona. I am much more familiar and knowledgable about their public persona, and I interact with them on a public level, but I think what stands out the most about each imperfect individual is not that they are somehow a Greek demigod, but that they are human beings who put their pants on the same way I do.

I know from watching them that their integrity, like Coach Meyer’s integrity produces in them a will to love God, family and hard work.

We celebrate celebrities like Don Meyer, but what we are truly celebrating is the power of God working through individuals like him to make our world a better place.

Jesus Christ never tried to hide from the “paparazzi” because He knew his actions were bringing glory to God. That sentence probably has no meaning for those who are not Christians, but it’s the foundation on which I live my life.

King David was a man after God’s own heart, not because he was sinless, but because in his epic sins he turned back to God. His heart remained soft to the love and truth that is God, and his repentance was sincere. His repentance wasn’t because he got caught.

God is forever calling us back to Him in business and pleasure. All the things we are facing are not new. Man has been rejecting God since the beginning of time, and He is not batting an eye at our current fall from grace. It grieves Him when CEO’s take their employees retirement earnings. His grieves Him when we His children reject one another. It grieves Him every time we sin whether that’s murder, adultery, fornication or road rage.

He knew I would post this on the Tomlinson Cleaning blog, and He knows what you will do with the things that I have shared.

God bless America, but may He only bless America if we turn to Him.


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