wpid-312853_156140261135381_6040674_n.jpgI think what my friends David Hutchens and Sam Davidson know so well makes them successful. Story is a pivotal part of their work.

My maid service is no different. All of us craft our story in different ways, but whether we meet with top executives, college groups or clients across the great city of Nashville makes no difference. We offer service through story, and our work, no matter how skilled or unskilled makes a difference because we were there. Our story is not always told, but if one is interested they can find it. There are those times when it is appropriate to share the nuts and bolts about how we got to where we are, but I suspect as a business man, and I won’t speak for David or Sam, that my service is a statement enough that my clients don’t need a constant status update to benefit from my experience.

My story makes the story of others better, and it’s my prayer that as I continue to sell time through maid service I will in some essence be assisting my wonderful clients in letting go the bitterness they fight.

Catholic means universal, and I suspect bitterness is catholic to the human experience. I and my maid service are no exception. I have conflict issues that do not resolve in my personal and business life, and even though I divide them here they are not at all divided because they are very much a part of who I am.

As each one of us comes to grip with the story we are in we have incredible power to craft it because it is after all our story. We can tell it, write it or film it the way we want, and the depth to which we share the intimate details is most certainly our prerogative. Tacit rules will always be a reality, and some industries, like the health care and mental health industries morally require silence from practitioners, but I as a mental health patient am at liberty to reveal the skeletons in my closet. I likely will not because I am attempting to portray a professional image that benefits a business world, but nonetheless my struggles with mental health are a definite part of me and this business.

Vince Gill is a wonderful philanthropist who has been the headliner the past six years at the the Ryman for Jammin To Beat The Blues. The concert benefits the Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee.  Carey and I have been to several of those benefits, and the fact that Go Rest High on That Mountain is about Keith Whitley and Vince’s older brother Bob shows Vince’s own story has been touched by mental illness.

Story touches all of us at home and in the marketplace, and when the two come together you can see new life spring forth.

My maid service has created a place of belonging that I can give back, rather than take from those I care about.

If that’s melodramatic so be it, but my thinking is that it’s the honest truth that makes my world better.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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