Dusting 101

hgtv-superlead_fast-fix-bedrooms-02_s476x200I came across another individual’s writings who thinks you should vacuum before you dust. That makes no sense to me. Dust mites do not fly. They fall to the floor where you vacuum them up after you dust. I have tried to dust after I vacuum, and I have to dust again because the dust is recirculated back onto the bookshelves, night stands and other pieces of furniture.

That’s just been my experience. I clean about 6 houses a week, and I’ve been doing it for almost 7 years.

Depending upon the client I normally use Swiffers on a daily basis, but about once a month I will polish wood furniture with Old English, Pledge or similar products. Each client is different when it comes to a dusting product. If a client has antiques that need extra love and attention they generally don’t want something like Old English which leaves a very thick residue, and I imagine breaks the antique down a bit more. It keeps the dust away longer, but it increases the speed of deteriorating the wood. Nothing was made to last forever, but when you care for it appropriately it will last longer. It’s like a car. If you don’t change the oil then expect to keep the car about half as long.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on dusting, so please leave some replies or questions I might help you with.

Have a great weekend.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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