It’s A Numbers Game People!

wpid-312853_156140261135381_6040674_n.jpgThank you to each of my followers on here. I’m honored and humbled.

My routine is such that the following is done each day. I drop my daughter off at school, clean a house, network at Land Rover of Nashville or coffeehouses, pick up supplies, go to the bank and pick up my daughter. Sometimes all those things are included in one day, but of course I don’t always do those things every day except of course pick up my daughter.

As I sat there today waiting for the kiddos to come out I tweeted as I frequently do when there’s down time. Plus it’s good to stay active on Twitter for advertising purposes. I’m also inspired by other like minded business owners who are scrambling to make a buck as they tweet their 140 characters. That’s my attention span too because when those Facebook status go beyond it they lose me!

When I get back to the office (aka my house, as you know) I do all the good daddy stuff, but I also get all the dirty rags in from the car, and any paper work that needs to be filed. Today I had to set up my daughter’s parentpay account, but I was unsuccessful either to my own human error, or their system is not as state-of-the-art as they think it is. I even printed off the PDF instructions and followed them!

So I down the pot of espresso I made. It’ll be even better if I rant on my biz blog about the frustration! So here I sit.

After several tries of trying the wrong password, changing the password, and finally getting on the horn to talk the school’s biz office I was unsuccessful still. So goes life, and I wait a call from their IT department to take care of business.

Being an adult means you learn to deal with the paradox of unresolved problems. As a human being I am going to fail. How quickly I move on beyond those failures determines the future rate of success I will have. You cannot suffer without grieving the loss. If you do you find yourself in a state of denial, and eventually you will be forced to deal with against your own will. Get it over with as soon as possible.

Case in point is one voicemail from a prospect who was interested in my service. I called them back, and as I concluded my sales pitch it turned out we weren’t a good match. At first I was really excited, as I should have been, when I heard the voicemail. But of course after the phone call I was disappointed we weren’t a match. I have about a 30% close rate. For every 10 people I talk to I will close 3 sales. That’s actually really good, but then you contemplate the 7 that were rejections, and you get down. All of us have to fight through that kind of thing in life.

We can’t possibly score below 72 every time even if we are Tiger Woods. For every victory we see in the lives of others the defeats that preceded them far out number them.

It’s a numbers game, and the more resolute we are in not letting our defeats defeat us the more we act out of our inner adult to make our world better.

Don’t deny them. Grieve them. Budget time to grieve them. Create a playlist in iTunes of sad songs to feel sorry for yourself, but when that playlist is over get on with the business of living life.

Take it from someone who lost a decade of NOT doing this!


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