Never Give Up

img_4217.jpgThis business and pleasure thing has been on my mind for some time now. I don’t know the percentage of posts that have focused on it, but I know it’s crossed my mind more times than not. I’ve tried to keep this blog free from pleasure, but I don’t really see how you can separate business from pleasure. When I write about pleasure I mean everything that takes place outside of one’s career.

In this particular case I was cleaning for a new client yesterday, and like all people one of the residents must have been battling sickness because I saw evidence that they had consumed some NyQuil type of over the counter medicine.

Whether or not I caught last night’s bug from this particular client I can’t say. I do play a doctor on television, but I’m not a trained MD. That was a joke. The former, not the later. So, I’m waiting to pick our daughter up from school, and my better half calls to say she is on her way home from work not feeling at all good. Turns out all three of us were under the weather. I was so under the weather I went to bed at 7 last night.

I got up this morning, and after I took my anti-depressants, some Ibuprofen and some Airborne I laid back down in our big easy chair. I went back to sleep, and Carey woke me up to see if I wanted any coffee. Surprisingly I did, and when we all had breakfast I felt much better.

Chloe was supposed to have had a softball game, but we were all too sick to make it to it this morning, and no doubt she would have gotten worse had we tried to make it.

But then the epiphany happened as I was contemplating my existential questions. I was reviewing my tweets, and I came across a gem that said success is what you choose in the next 5 minutes.

That is so life at it’s best. Circumstance can knock us down, and we can give into self-pity for how things have gone, or you can do what I did. I had just enough energy to do the breakfast dishes. I did not want to, and as I still contemplate the mountain of clothes to be folded and put away I dread that task, but I was able to concentrate on that small amount of dishes to get them in the dishwasher.

Whether it’s business or pleasure things happen that are out of our control. Markets drop, we get sick, natural disasters and terrorist attacks bring things to a halt, yet time marches on.

Choose to persevere, and never give up.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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