Remember Thy Creator

IMG_1160I am in the season of my life where personally and professionally I am focused on accumulation.

I am gathering for the winter season of my life. That’s why I come here to create content every day for Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC. I’ve neglected my personal blog because I am in process of building Tomlinson Cleaning larger than I thought possible, and like my personal blog I give Him the glory for healing me personally so that I can give back professionally.

I was joking with a client the other week that even though I majored in biblical Hebrew to become a “man of the cloth” I still remain a “man of the cloth” as I scrub toilets, but alas when Jesus calls we still answer whether there’s money on the line or not.

One of my favorite books is Ecclesiastes, and it’s central premise to me is to work hard, enjoy the fruits of your labor, rest and repeat. God created this routine for man, and when men and women rest secure in this “system” He has set in place joy is to be found.

We complicate life more than God ever intended for it to be, and you know just as well as I when it started. It started when a human being believed a lie, and her husband believed it too, and we’ve been recovering ever since.

Life is hard good people, but when we resolve to work together to empower each other in our respected talents wonderful things can happen.

Let’s stop wringing our hands in desperation because the economy is “bad”, our boss is a jerk or we can’t seem to get a job. Let’s take one day at a time as we plan for the future, and as we go out into the marketplace, church, home and school let’s be kind to each other as we all have battles we are fighting.

Grace and peace dear ones.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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