A Day in the Life

93605Yesterday when I entered my client’s home I didn’t really feel like cleaning. That feeling dramatically changed, and even when my vacuum cleaner started to cut on and off I was happy at the resolve I still had to finish cleaning.

Each house I clean has it’s own protocol even though I do the same things in each house. This particular house begins with the master bath, and as I put all the bath mats out into the bedroom I make my way to the commode. I spray the inside of the bowl with bleach, and I scrub it with a toilet brush. I spray the entire commode with an all purpose cleaner, and kneel to wipe it down really good. Right before I put everything back into the toilet area I vacuum it really well with my hand held vacuum cleaner, and then I conclude with an upright sweep of the area. The baseboards are generally a PRN (Latin for as needed) task, or if the client has left me a note to do them.

If the shower is in need of cleaning I spray the walls with all purpose cleaner and scrub them with a scratch resistant pad and follow closely with a damp rag. I’ll follow up with a toothbrush on tough spots, and I back my way out of the shower on my knees as I scrub the floor with bleach or all purpose cleaner. Obviously my uniform has gotten bleach stains over the years, so I wear durable work clothes. I wear Dickies or Carhartts, and my navy blue embroidered Tomlinson Cleaning polos are very durable for this kind of work. The shower door gets cleaned with glass cleaner, and if your glass cleaner has ammonia in it be very careful to keep it away from bleach. When combined they produce a toxic odor that is bad for your lungs.

Sinks, counters, tubs and mirrors receive the same kind of cleaning treatment followed by changing out the trash liners. If there are knick knacks in need of stainless steel polishing there are a number of products on the market for this purpose.

I finish bathrooms by beginning with my hand held vacuum cleaner, and sweep the broader areas with my upright. I mop all floors with hot water and vinegar, and I’ll describe that process in the next paragraph.

When I first start I take a large rolling mop bucket and fill it up with 10 gallons of scolding hot water. I add about a cup of vinegar. I use a self ring mop because I like to unscrew it when I get back to the office to wash it in bleach with the other rags. When everything is cleaned and vacuumed I mop my way out of the bathroom, and if there are items that still need to be returned I put on shoe covers so I don’t track anything back into the bathroom. If I’ve been washing and drying towels I return those from the dryer as well.

There are many excellent YouTubes to show you how to fold towels creatively, and I’ve used them to add a little extra aesthetic detail to my maid service.

Check them out for your own personal use too.



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