Turning Likes Into Buys

93607I don’t know how many of my post likes are from Nashville, but it sure would be nice to turn some of those likes into buying my service.

My brother Joel is really good in sales. He’s sold insurance, furniture and now cars. I asked him how he felt about selling maid service, and his wonderful response was that he can sell anything. I loved that reply.

Confidence is vital in selling. Believing in what you sell is just as vital. Knowing that what your client buys he or she needs is icing on the cake. When you are a sincere candid seller of products or services people don’t have to stereotype you as a “used car salesman.” The late Zig Ziglar deserves all the accolades his organization receives for the respect they have given the sales industry.

I firmly believe that all of us sell every day. We convince our families, friend and prospects to believe what we share, and in some cases money is exchanged.

God incorporated this philosophy into the way life works, and it’s a noble thing to do. We aren’t trying to manipulate, deceive or flat out lie to those we interact with daily.

We are trying to fulfill needs and desires to make our world a better place.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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