93604I realize there are some things out of our control. I think about 9/11. There’s nothing really full proof. My great grandfather lived through The Depression. My grandfather suffered injuries in north Africa during WWII. My dad remembers JFK and Vietnam.

I also remember the tragic loss of life in the Challenger explosion. I was in Daytona Beach in the seventh grade, and we could go outside to see the plume of debris to the south of us at Cape Canaveral. I barely remember the gas lines of the 70’s, but I clearly remember seeing Reagan get shot on live television. And of course the images of 9/11 are forever seared in my mind as I watched them on tv.

We don’t have to read the WSJ or our local papers to see things like this are frequent reminders that there are things out of our control.

But there are many things in our control.

We choose what to major in. We choose to stay at a job. We can start businesses, and our demographic can be pinpointed with precision even more so now with tools like the internet, television, radio and print. I guess if you live in a place like Daytona you can have an airplane fly over the beach pulling a big banner, but I guess that would be a classification of print media.

We choose whom to marry, whether we stay married, how hard we work on that marriage or whether we even get married. We choose to have children or not have children. We choose what denomination to worship with, and in some cases, as is a growing trend some choose to have nothing to do with church. I suppose God can be found anywhere, but even in all the imperfections I choose to align with a church. Wherever you go that involves people will provide conflict, misunderstandings and apathy all the way through life. Another thing that’s out of our control, but how we respond to it is definitely in our control. Do we forgive people that betray us, or do we harbor the bitterness for later paybacks?

These questions of control don’t separate business from pleasure, and wherever you go there you are. What happens when the rubber meets the road?

I’ve tried not caring, but my acquaintance Sam Davidson has lifted my eyes to the fact that Cool People Care. And they do because how don’t care how jaded or stoic you become you should never get so jaded that your love and care for mankind become null in void. Keep your heart soft, and even if it’s just a smile never underestimate the decision to exercise that kind of control.

It might save someone from taking their own life.

It might give someone a boost of hope that they didn’t have before you smiled.

If someone doesn’t speak to you go speak to them.

Life is extremely hard, and each one of use is fighting a battle at home, work and school.

A smile might be the only thing you have to control, but it’s a powerful thing that can offer hope and peace to a world in desperate need of hope and peace.

But I’ll borrow from theologian and business guru Dave Ramsey. The only way to financial peace, or any kind of peace (italics are mine), is through the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ.

He’s the One ultimately in control.


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