Truth or Lie?

Tomlinson-LOGO-color.jpgAs I was cleaning today I stopped for a coffee break to read an article about the Pixar film company in Fast Company.

If you have a chance do read it. It’s refreshing to see companies use an atmosphere of candor in their daily protocol, and Pixar has mastered this element of appropriate conversation when used correctly. Most employees are too fearful to really speak their mind because they don’t want confrontation, but many times the confrontation is exacerbated if they don’t nip a conflict of interests in the bud.

There are those who fly off the handle at any moment, and part of their frontal lobe is not working, so you never know what they might say. But leadership that fosters an atmosphere of candor can accomplish more in meetings in less time. When issues become a pink elephant the fall out is sometimes worse.

I applied this to my own thinking today. I had varying lies of self-condemnation that were jeopardizing my job performance. I confronted them head on in Green Hills at the bank, Kalamatas and my client’s home. The creative process is always sabotaged by lies. Whether you’re an accountant, doctor, lawyer, business owner, artist, actor, musician or any kind of performer you fight them.

It is true that it takes ten positives to overcome one negative.

The next time a lie disguises itself as 100% truth confront it with candor, and many times it helps to write it out. Whether that lie is work, home, church or school write out the lie, and look at, and see if your candor to call it a lie doesn’t expose it.


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