In Memory of Aunt Joyce

Aunt JoyceSometimes my greatest inspirations are when all the chips are down.

My Aunt Joyce passed away this week, and she was also a monthly client. I was supposed to clean her house the day of her funeral. Her diabetes got the best of her, and her smiling face will be dearly missed.

The death of a close loved one has a way of bringing things into focus. It has paralyzed me before, but in this case for some reason it seems to be setting me free with thoughts of possibility. I guess in some ways when you reach rock bottom the only way out is up, and as we traveled though Gallatin and Hendersonville back to Nashville I gazed up at the sun rays gleaming through the clouds as I imagined Aunt Joyce telling us she is no longer in acute pain that left her unable to walk for the last several years.

This is the precise reason at times I don’t see how you separate business from what’s going on in a person’s personal life.

I guess in any endeavor you strive for appropriateness, and I feel my writing about my Aunt Joyce is more than appropriate given that she too was a client. Anytime I have a client pass away my prayers are with the family, and this is no exception.

We are somber and we mourn, but life goes on in our pain. It underscores the importance of being kind at home and in the marketplace because we truly have no idea when time is done on this Earth.

Many blessings to you as you strive to be who God made you to be.

My Aunt Joyce certainly strove to be all that God called her to be. We love you Aunt Joyce.


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