Thank You Peyton

TIG_1021What would be nice is to hire someone to keep my social media outlets active every day. Staying close to the adage that content is king. When I’m not posting content I’m hurting my business more than helping it. And what’s more I don’t have to spend a dime if I do it.

All well, in a perfect world.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this because January, 2014 is behind us, and my resolve to stay near my new year’s resolutions certainly waned as it always does this time of year, but I have a more level head about it than in previous years.

The Bronco’s epic Super Bowl loss last night has me thinking about it too. Peyton is in fact more of hero in light of the loss for what the Yahoo story told he did for that beer vendor. Amazing. If you haven’t read it you need to. Here’s a link: Peyton Manning. Whether Peyton decides to retire or come back next season doesn’t really matter because not only did he teach us how to lose, but he taught us how to love each other as well.

You’ve heard motivational speaker after motivational speaker talk about the lessons of failure, but last night you saw a man’s man show you how to do it.

I’d rather see a sermon than hear a sermon any day.


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