Business Books

newheader4.jpgThere are a plethora of good business books out there. I write about the popular level I see and read.

I majored in biblical Hebrew in grad school, so I can read scholarly level discourse about the Hebrew Bible, but there would be no way I could read scholarly level business writing.

There are some similarities to this scenario, and very practical applications to any endeavor.

You can read till you’re blue in the face, but when the rubber meets the road what it comes down to is developing your own vision for what your trying to accomplish. I’m not at all saying that you should reinvent the wheel because why not learn from the failure and success of others? You should, but there are as many solutions to business, spiritual formation and life as there are people. There are common denominators associated with effective appropriate ventures, and we must emulate them, but to say one size fits all is ignorant.

As I patiently work on my maid service and own spiritual formation, not necessarily in that order, I place emphasis on patience. We may take two steps forward and one step back, but that’s still one step forward.

The best advice any of us can take and live is never to give up.  We will have to stop, restart, readjust and try again, but nothing in life is easy if you stick with it.

And always remember that what you do is not who you are. Let who you are define what you do. Easier said than done, but like I wrote above, be patient.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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