Career Perspective

IMG_1164I think it’s a combination of rejoining Free Agent Academy and resolving to write my one-person cleaning book.

I feel a special connection to my business since it’s beginning. I’m not what I do, but what I do is definitely a part of who I am.

When entrepreneurs set out to create something it’s never like starting college, declaring a major and walking across the stage to receive a diploma. Life is not that neat and tidy, yet there are systems we develop in life and business that can be packaged as such.

I heard a religion professor say at one point that he sought after a pastorate because he needed a pay check, and I so appreciated his candor. His subject was calling, and he was simply making the point that not all men of the cloth have calling in mind when they send  resumes to parishes.

There are a thousand reasons we do what we do, but when we focus on a single thing like a business compartmentalization is important. When we are able to move through a complicated series of steps to accomplish something it’s important to concentrate on one thing at a time. A big picture perspective is important, and we need that, but we have to dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

Being patient with the process, especially with things like med school, residency and law school is vital, and when you combine that kind of intense focus with any other endeavor you have to have a big picture and detailed approach.

I would lump a business, even if it’s a sole proprietorship, into that kind of endeavor.

Be patient, but doing something on it every day. And when you need to unplug do it whole heartedly.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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