Some Networking Insight

IMG_0189As a business man I get excited when my business thoughts flow like my trained theological mind.

Undergraduate and graduate training in a discipline is priceless even if the info expires every three years, but what you learn in those years is not so much what as where to find the info.

The internet has exploded the information age to epic proportions, and when I go to see my doctor he almost always pulls out his smart phone to look up health care apps that can help me in taking better care of my body.  That’s amazing.  Here is a man who went through med school and a residency, yet he must still seek after information to help him in caring for his patients.  That’s good.  That’s not at all bad.  My doctor is excellent in every way, but it’s remarkable that the internet plays such a pivotal roll in his practice.

The pastoral world and the business world is also reaping these benefits.

Now grant it, you have to research where your information is coming from.  Is it trustworthy?  Is the source a reliable place to broaden your education, and I think most of the time it is, but there are a plethora of con-artists out there that will engage you hook, line and sinker.  We have to be wary.  We don’t have to be paranoid, but if you plan on using a credit or debit card in purchasing info or merchandise than you’d better be sure the business, individual or organization is legit.

Even in this social media world word of mouth, be it a Facebook post, Tweet or pin on Pinterest is the best way to go, but still a face to face interaction with a friend or business associate is ideal because you get so much more than just the information you are seeking when money is on the line.  You see the non-verbal reaction said person exudes when product or service is talked about.  Unless you are on a Skype type medium you can’t really see that through a Facebook post.

Don’t let this trepidation stop you from using social media because after all you’re reading this on my business blog, but when opportunity knocks don’t ever hesitate to sing someone’s praises in a face to face context.

Happy networking!


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