Learning To Lose

TIG_1043Conventional wisdom measures success by size and number.  When one looks inward at the obstacles he must overcome to achieve his definition of success size and number don’t really matter.

Saturday afternoon my Vols got beat by War Eagle.  When you looked at the final score there was no doubt War Eagle scored more touchdowns then we did.  I wanted to score more touchdowns than they did, but that didn’t happen.  Let’s look at what did happen.

Tennessee’s homecoming was also the same weekend, and we were able to participate in some of the festivities.  My daughter got to make a UT Christmas ornament, UT necklace and some wonderful students and professor educated her about various sciences.  I had a delicious bar-b-que lunch, and my girls enjoyed delicious chicken wings.  As the anticipation built for the game we enjoyed the Vol walk, The Pride of the Southland Band playing Rocky Top, and an electric environment where anything seemed possible.

There’s nothing like game day in Knoxville and Neyland Stadium win or lose.

We have to be able to see the forest despite the trees.  Sure we want to win, but life, sports and business is as much about losing as it is winning.  When we learn to lose then I think karma will provide a win as well.

Hard work precedes winning, but when you know you’ve tried your best even if you lose you win.  That’s not a cliche.  That’s reality.

There will be times of defeat and loss, and many times, how you react in those times will define who you really are.

Learn how to lose.


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