Seth Godin

Page-1-of-1.jpgI listened to Dave Ramsey interview Seth Godin today, and as you might expect I came away with another new appreciation for Seth Godin.  The man is brilliant.  As if I had to tell you that.

I think one of the biggest things I like about him is that his insight is catholic to every business.  It inspires Lone Rangers like me, and huge conglomerates like Apple.  I’ve never seen theologian or business man connect need and story like Seth Godin.  Well, Jesus Christ invented it, but I’ve never seen anyone other than Seth do it here in the 21st century.

Business happens everywhere.  I don’t care if you are in a nursing home, church, synagogue, mosque, dojo, yoga studio or shopping mall.  It happens in all those places where people converge to exchange ideas, goods or services.  When each one of us decides we are going to give our best in our different arenas then the world becomes a better place.

I think these are some of the things Seth Godin stands on.  His eloquence should not be ignored, and whether you are a business person or not you need to read his work.

Excuse me now.  I need to go buy Tribes even though I’m definitely part of Mr. Godin’s “tribe.”


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