Comparison is the enemy of contentment.  – Doug Berny

12-09God wants us content.  As a trained pastor my new found world of business is still filtered through my life long engagement with Theology.

In some ways, as I make my way dusting, vacuuming and mopping through many of these lovely Nashville homes I’m cleaning the bad memories from my mind of those who claimed to be God followers.  That’s a post reserved for The Real Daniel. It was appropriate to briefly mention here because all of us entertain the idea of what could have been if so-and-so had done such-and-such.

Hindsight is 20/20, and comparison is human nature.

I was recently on several other maid service websites, and after I showered and shaved these ideas came to me as I contemplated the life of Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC. Like my friend Ty says, everyone takes their problems to work even those of us who presently have a Lone Ranger kind of business.  I’m happy with my business, but as I surfed those websites more and more it showed me how “inadequate” my service is.  I think it forced me to look at reality and where I’d like to be, but you start where you are and go from there.  That’s hard, and whether you are trying to battle depression or build a business you will have obstacles to overcome. I’m trying to do both, and some days are better than others.

It’s kind of funny that this post is going up on a Monday because I remember joking with co-workers, roommates and now my wife about it being “pretty good for a Monday.”  Mondays have this reputation of being yucky days, and I guess that’s because we don’t like our jobs.

I like my job now, and when 12 hour or more days come around I don’t begrudge them because I enjoy my work.

I think that’s ultimately what drives me when I see a maid service that is obviously more successful than mine.  I move away from comparing because I am selling, cleaning and enjoying the work and fruit of my labor.  A man couldn’t ask for much more.

Our struggles are mostly from within, but when we let things go with the flow, and we learn from others who are where we want to be we no longer see an us versus them kind of world.

When I was a janitor at a Nashville church there was a poster up in a utility room that said we should be kind to everyone because everyone is fighting a battle.  From south Nashville and Franklin to Music Row to Charlotte Pike every individual from rich to poor is fighting a battle.

Rather than compare and condemn, maybe the next time we can care and give them what God puts on our hearts to give them.



About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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