Bright with Bleach

IMG_1160Bleach is one of my favorite cleaning solutions. Make sure you never mix bleach and ammonia, nor use them on top of each other. I do use Windex, it has ammonia, on bathroom mirrors, and occasionally I’ll use Comet, it has bleach, in the sink. But I never let the two come in contact.

My understanding is that together they produce harmful fumes.

As I was servicing an account in 12 South today I had some dark bathtub corners that warranted some bleach and my handy dandy toothbrush. Due to time constraints I was not able to spend the time I wanted in that tub, but I’ll be able to next rotation.  I was still able to make a dent in the darkness, but I was not able to get it down to the white caulk.

My mom sells air purifiers, and I bought one that goes around your neck. I use this when room ventilation isn’t good, and I have to inhale the bleach fumes longer than I want to. Always open windows and circulate fans when you work with bleach too.

Finally, when you are at the store to buy bleach don’t feel like you have to buy brand name. The store brand is just fine, and you’ll save money in the process unless the brand name is cheaper. It’s even better if you have a coupon for the cheapest brand.

Let me know how your cleaning with bleach goes.


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