Positive Thinking

TIG_1021My friend Bonnie Cribbs is one incredible salesman.  I think it boils down to the positive attitude he embraces.  He isn’t a Pollyanna kind of guy because bad things have happened to him in his life, but he knows that his thoughts determine his view of life.  I did not say outcome because so much of life is beyond our control, but we can choose positive thinking in the midst of terrible experiences.

Perspective and gratitude go hand in hand when our perception doesn’t match up with our reality.  Bad news and unpleasant experiences with other people will sadden us, but our thinking will determine how we respond.  When those things happen know that everyone experiences them, and the world is not out to get you.  There is a randomness to life that cannot be explained, and even though there are jerks in the world those who anger you control you, and you don’t want to be controlled by a jerk.  Do what it takes, be it cognitive therapy, ignoring the infraction or calling the police, if need be, because what happens is that the jerks will bring you down to their level, and you will lose big time.

Every last one of us have bad things that happen to us, and when we return evil for evil we keep the cycle going for evil to persist.

I know this is a business blog, but this philosophy carries over into all of life, including business.  My friend Ty Osman, owner of Nashville’s Solomon Builders, a commercial contracting business told me that everyone carries with them their problems to work, and if we as business owners and employees can appreciate this then the more progress we can make as a nation in curing our country of our ills.

This curse and philosophy affects independents, Republicans and Democrats.  Diversity does not have to demand division, and a little kindness will go a long way.

So the next time someone cuts you off in traffic let them go, and tell yourself that they are trying to get home or the hospital to help care for a loved one.

That’s positive thinking in the flesh.


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