IMG_1606When you define success, make peace with paying the price, put it in writing and trudge head long into achieving it, nothing will stop you.

I’m trudging head long into achieving mine.  I’ve done all the others.

In high school I did this to become a lifeguard.  In college I did it in anger at a professor who kept me from graduating a semester before.  That’s all I’m going to write about that one.  In grad school I did it to prove to myself that I was a serious student, and my GPA reflected it.  Each one of those accomplishments was very satisfying.

And not I continue in business.  I’m trained in Theology, but I’ve sense started my own business, so I’m having to learn the hard way.

It’s really quite satisfying as well because the break-throughs make it quite exciting.

When you feel like giving up on something ask yourself if you should really give up on it, or is there even a fraction of hope that you can accomplish it.  If there’s a fraction of hope, stick with the plan, write it down, read it frequently and press on good people.

One of my customers, Sam Davidson, President and Co-Founder of Cool People Care told me in conversation one day that he will never be a NBA player because he can’t dunk.  This is true, and he went on to say yet there are a plethora of things he can do.  I suspect Sam, being an author, successful business man, husband and father applies my formula above.  Actually, I don’t suspect, I know, because I see the fruits of his labor, and the fruits of his labor produces fruit in my labor.

Don’t give up good people.  Define success for yourself, write it down and go after it!



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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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