New Ship

TIG_1021I have a quandary. My business is so personal to me that sometimes I don’t know whether or not to blog a post here or over there. In some cases I’ve put the same post on both blogs. I think this is one of those.

I’m sitting at The Well waiting to discuss The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. When I got there I purchased a box full of delicious coffee, and John was kind enough to pack a bag of cups, creamer and sugar. After about my third cup of coffee I started to think I’d been stood up. Now I am so being playful here, so don’t take me seriously good friends. In fact, the one person who RSVPed on Facebook had good reason she wasn’t able to make it. Last night was quite the storm here in Nashville, and I’m grateful she and her family are well this morning.

My wait there at The Well caused me to think about The Icarus Deception itself. I had prepared by “art”, and there I was waiting to ship it, but I was not able to ship it because no one showed up. There was no fault. I’m simply recognizing reality. It did not deter me one iota. I got back to the office determined that this book discussion group is going to be awesome. I Facebook messaged everyone I invited telling them we will be right back at The Well next Wednesday at 11am to discuss The Icarus Deception.

That is so life. I know it’s such a small scale situation in the grand scheme of things, but when you learn not to let setbacks deter you a maturity level is reached that can only come from experience.

Our contribution to God, family, friends and the world is not regulated to whether or not we have a large gathering, or even whether or not our art is received at all. Seth Godin is striving to encourage us to show up, drink coffee, and if no one shows up then so be it. But never stop trying. Ship your art is a beautiful semantic that must never fall on deaf ears because if it does hope is lost.

And this guy behind the keyboard is oh so tired of losing hope.

Got that t-shirt. Been there done that. Sorry pessimism. Your ship has sailed. I’m bringing a new one into the dock. Hoist your sails new ship.

We’re about to continue the voyage Seth Godin started.


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