My Book Idea

TIG_1021As I spoke with my webmaster yesterday I said a quiet prayer of thanks for the simplicity going through my mind.

This morning before I serviced a customer I stopped by my PO Box to gather mail, and  I offered a similar prayer of gratitude as I sighed in satisfaction at the way my business plan is coming together.

It hasn’t been perfect, and no plan is, but when I look at the trade-offs I see a very functional and professional plan unfolding.

I departed my customer’s home to deposit the check she wrote me, and I made my way to my office to attend too administrative tasks that every business owner has.

I think the most interesting thing about what has transpired in my mind about Tomlinson Cleaning is not the mundane tasks that keep my business afloat, rather it would be the dreams that excite me every morning I rise to clean the homes I clean.

One of my customers is a successful author who thinks my idea for a book about solo cleaners is a good one. I shared with him that there is not a book like it on Amazon, and I think its target audience would be specifically searching for it in the search engines.

I hope I’m right. I’d like to be confident I’m right, but I haven’t done enough research to move into the confident category. My author acquaintance thinks I should aim first for an ebook, and I think that’s the right action to take, but I cannot let go of wanting something tangible that I can sign at a coffeehouse.

Housekeeping is obviously not brain surgery or rocket science, but had there been a book about what I’m doing now when I started I would no doubt own it, and likely over the past five years I would have referenced it several times.

I guess the question is whether or not there is a demand for it.

I’ve since started putting more cleaning tweets out there from my phone because I think social media is a definite plus in getting the Tomlinson Cleaning brand out there, and as Nashville grows more aspiring solo cleaners will rise up to use my book. As each American metro area grows I sense that other individuals too will want the knowledge I’ve gained in the trenches.

A global impact is not too far fetched either because when you make something for sale over the internet, well, anyone with internet access is able to purchase it.

It’s not pie in the sky thinking. It’s rational conclusions that could make solo business more lucrative.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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