Dreaming and Planning

newheader4.jpgSam Davidson tweeted, “Don’t be a dreamer, be a planner.”

Should you be a dreamer or a planner? Plans begin as dreams. Moments ago, as I dreamed, I thought about a book idea.

The Solo Maid continues to be the title to that book, yet my resolve to write it wanes. Whether it be a tendency to lean toward a bi-polar struggle or lack of self-discipline I do not know, but I suspect it’s some of both.

So I press on. I liken it to an experience I had on Friday in a client’s home. I crossed a light fixture that truly needed cleaning out. I made several attempts to do so, but to no avail. It was going the extra mile, and it will likely get cleaned during the next rotation. It, however, bothered me that my plan to clean it failed. I know how it failed, and I know how to succeed in cleaning it the next time I am there.

The book is the same scenario. I continue to bat existential questions around in my head about the book, yet it does not get written. I know what it will take to get written, and I sense a strong probability that it will.

This business of being a Maid Man has also taught me that as I approach my 6th year in business that my ROI, prospects, sales and client turnover ebb and flow the way our Watersound tide comes in and out.

It’s to be expected. It’s par for the course. I continue on in spite of the obstacles. I continue to dream and plan, and when those plans end in failure, well, I dream again.

I will never stop dreaming or idealizing what I want because if I ever do, dementia will be a close bedfellow.

That would be the ultimate dream and plan inhibitor, and even though it’s a possibility for every business, we work hard each day as if it’s our last.

It’s a liberating concept, and even though it may not be “business” language it takes a very real struggle and gives it language to grieve, or when the struggle is met with victory, celebration.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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