The Icarus Deception

I have a tendency to be melo-dramatic, but Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception is one amazing book. Melo-dramatic or not this book has transformed my thinking. A customer gave it to me for Christmas, and I’ve been absorbing for about a week. When I pick it up I cannot put it down. That’s unusual for me because I am a very slow reader.

As I continue to process all the things Mr. Godin is sharing with me I think the crux of his matter is that when you are passionate about your work, whatever the work is, it is art. You might vehemently disagree with some of his conclusions, but suspend judgement before you read the book. I’ve never read any of Mr. Godin’s books before, but this one just might make me a disciple. I’ve since signed up for his daily email, and I frequent his blog often. I think when I finish The Icarus Deception I’m going to purchase Purple Cow. The ideas Seth Godin shares will dramatically change the way you view yourself, your chosen career and others. I think he’s the type of thinker/mover/shaker that people will either love or hate.

I liken him to a business Don Miller because he’s on the cutting edge of what is going on in America’s business story the way Mr. Miller is on the cutting edge of the evangelical story in America. They both need to be heard.

Join me in reading and commenting on The Icarus Deception. I would love to hear what you think.


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