The Joy of Work

Tomlinson LOGO (color)Tomlinson Cleaning is the best thing that’s ever happened to me professionally.

I recently listened to some company employees talk about a protocol they had to adhere to. I stood up to get a cup of coffee, and I remarked that that’s why I work for Tomlinson Cleaning. One of them, a business owner, nodded in agreement. I was in essence talking about working for myself.

Free agents are a dime a dozen, but when you find one that loves the work they do, and you make a personal connection with them even though it’s business you cross a chasm that is never crossed when you go to a big name brand. That’s been my experience. I’m sure there are stories about employees in the big box chains that sincerely enjoy their work, but most of them in my experience are enduring a punch in and out period that pays their bills. There’s exceptions to every experience.

I came here to post because it’s Christmas Eve, and I am thanking God for my business, customers and overall karma this venture has offered. I was actually doing admin work on Tomlinson Cleaning last night, and here I am again the next day enthralled with the optimism that is present in Tomlinson Cleaning. I’m not saying it’s a bed of roses because we don’t live in a perfect world yet, so the brokenness affects my business just as much as any other business. Yet here I am contemplating this delightful attitude I’ve been given through my efforts and the efforts of others.

The job I had before I started Tomlinson Cleaning frequently challenged my optimism. I would dread going to work. Here I sit once again thinking about this job I have now, and I hesitate to call it a job. I actually look forward to going back to work on Friday. I not only do not dread it, but I get excited thinking about it. I’ve found work I’m passionate about. That’s important, yet it’s taken a long time. It’s been worth it. There were in fact times when I had a job that utilized my advanced degrees in religion when I would not look forward to the “opportunities” that work afforded. All the money we spent on a bachelors and masters was money well spent, but it didn’t buy happiness. Happiness happened when I created it. I still utilize the skills I developed in college and grad school. The only difference is that I’m not being compensated monetarily for it. And I’m more than content with that. When you have an itch you can scratch it with a finger, back scratcher or stick outside. But the end result is the same, and I think it’s important to see life that way. When you define what “success” is you can have as many definitions as there are people. When the rubber meets the road what really matters is what you, God, and a significant other, in my case a wife decide is the best course of action.

Don’t look back when you’ve found that sweet spot.

And when you lay your head on your pillow at night you can rest really well knowing your work made a difference.

Merry Christmas!


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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2 Responses to The Joy of Work

  1. Best of luck and continued success in the new year!

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