Our Work for the Homeless

Vince Gill was one of many artists who performed during Tokens tonight at The Ryman. The Belle Meade Crooner wrote it for his brother. The Tokens show at The Ryman was a benefit for Room In The Inn, and Vince told us his brother spent many nights at places like Room In The Inn.

I can only imagine what kind of road someone must hoe when they find themselves on their own Skid Row. My prayers are continually with them, and as a Nashville resident I am an active part in helping the homeless.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful that God and my health provide a thriving business that empowers me to feed, clothe and house the homeless. If not for the grace of God there go I.

Thank you Vince, as always, for an amazingly beautiful ballad as you bore your heart of love for your brother to a group of people who share your passion for the homeless.

Lee Camp is right. There will come a time when we all will sit down to dine the finest of food and wine at table with Jesus.

Even if it’s a simple kind word, stop to share it with a person who has no home this Thanksgiving.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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