Ah, To Wait

You can have anything you want if you learn to wait.

After the game I ate some lunch and watched Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. When I finished those two things I washed the dishes, and headed to Walgreens for marshmallows. I could not believe Walgreens didn’t have marshmallows, so I headed over to the CVS, not surprised they didn’t have any either.

I hate going to a particular grocery store close to the office, but they did have marshmallows. My $5 bill went into the self-checkout slot, and I received a dollar in change. Plenty to spray my car off at the quicky car spray. In fact, I came home with $.25. Am I frugal or what?

I wanted marshmallows because I was going to build a fire for my wife and daughter, so that we could have some roasted marshmallows. Sadly, I think the remnants of Sandy are coming through Nashville now, and these ideas started going through my head.

Back to my original point. I had to wait out three different retail locations to get my marshmallows. Now I’m having to wait out some rain to roast some marshmallows.

It doesn’t matter how “small” something is. Nine times out of ten you will experience the necessity to wait.

Good wine takes time. A good business does not happen over night. A good marriage takes time. This cup of coffee I’m enjoying right now didn’t just appear on my office desk. It took a process of putting the coffee in the filter and so on.

I would argue Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation is great because they understood this principle. In an age of dot com prodigies and “unlimited” credit lines we want now what our grandparents spent years earning.

Let’s take a moment this weekend, and pause to thank our grandparents for showing us that it is important to save and wait.

And who knows? Maybe we will come home with a quarter in our pockets left over from the quicky car spray. 🙂


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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