Prayer and Business

As a business man and former pastor I frequently combine both disciplines in my thinking. This morning I was contemplating prayer and business success, and when I googled the concept I got a plethora of resources from others thinking about the same thing. I even came across a website where apparently you can hire an intercessory partner who will pray for your business.

God cares deeply about each one of us even if we go about our work without praying to Him about it. This sometimes happens to me because I’m tired, and I’m running late, but my ideal would be to budget enough time where I intentionally offer up prayers to Him for all facets of my life. I guess that’s the million dollar question. How can I better manage my time so that I don’t become overwhelmed with work? I can ask God directly to empower me with the motivation to manage my time for all that He has called me to do, but that’s going to look profoundly different for all of us. Some of us have to have eight hours sleep, and others of us can get by with less sleep, and we deem the less you sleep the more productive you are. The jury is out on that one. The less sleep I get the less productive I am. I would also argue the less I pray the less productive I am. But I don’t pray to get something from God. My desire is to be with God whether I am working, resting or playing.

Obviously these thoughts are not organized, and the wonderful thing about prayer is that God can organize our thoughts for us. No, we aren’t puppets on a string, but how else does the Spirit intercede for us with groans that words cannot express? (Romans)

I hope to get some dialogue started about this, and I encourage you to reply even if it’s just a sentence long.

How do business and prayer intersect? We don’t have to kneel down and lift our hands to pray. We can pray while we practice what we’ve been trained to do.

Weigh in. Have a good weekend.


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