Dang It Car

My day began in Lebanon, a small town east of Nashville, and when I left to return to Music City I noticed I had left my lights on for the hour-and-a-half it took me to service the stop. After I jump started the battery I called the always reliable McDuffee who services my cars nine out of ten times I need maintenance. When I finally made it through a Mt. Juliet McDonald’s drive-through and on to Briley Parkway/Thompson Lane/Woodmont Blvd. I pulled into McDuffee. Every major street in Nashville has three or more names. They fixed me right up, and off I went to Land Rover in Brentwood for a meeting.

After the meeting I back out of the Land Rover parking lot, and as the temperature gauge climbs and climbs I’m forced to pull over, but all the caps are on tight as they should be, so I cautiously make my way down Granny White Pike to the Granny White Market to pick up some power steering fluid because I was having to manually steer the stiff steering wheel. Turns out it wasn’t power steering fluid. It was a major belt that controlled the steering. It wasn’t safe to drive. It had to be towed.

So, as my day goes east, south and back east again I sigh a note of thanks for the flexibility built into my business, and what’s funny is that I observed the same less than perfect business functions at McDonalds, McDuffee, Land Rover, and yes, my home office as I type my business musings.

The beautiful thing about my non-Henry Ford work formula is that though the timing for some accounts serviced are having to be re-arranged the work gets done. I don’t have to flip an open or close sign on the front door, and what’s more is that part of the American Dream is still accomplished even though there isn’t a time-clock that gets punched six times.

There are other ways to find work other than the 9-5 model, and may I add that the non-existence of my time card saves trees too.

Just call me a green company of one. Or better yet, call me for maid service. 🙂


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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