When Strivings Cease

My business pursuits are exciting. As my perspective defines my reality I revel in the vision I’ve created for Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC.

Puzo’s The Godfather has molded the inspiration this train of thought has brought me. I will have you know I have the highest ethical standards that a human being lives by, but my same set of values also teaches me to be as shrewd as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. I’ve learned this as an adult. I strive to let my yes and no’s stand as simply as possible, and when I’m guilty of manipulation I try to repent as quickly as possible.

Life in it’s many facets are paradoxical, and I try not to be overly righteous or sinful in any endeavor. The pendulum will swing because as a human being I am fallible, yet my innocence stands legally in a court of law until proven guilty. I pray my attorney and I never have to set foot in front of judge or jury. So far so good.

My excitement, nonetheless, stands as I look at my meta-narrative personally and professionally. There’s really no better place to be, and some people spend a lifetime never finding it.

As each one of us separates fact from fiction we are given our family of origin’s way of doing things, our spouses way of doing things and the talking heads way of doing things. When we silence all three to listen to God, only then, will we truly be able to separate the two. Fact and fiction are found in all three, but God has implanted a mind in each of use to determine them.

This is liberating because it breaks the cycle of puppet controlled thinkers and doers. It doesn’t create anarchy because as communities come together they hold each other accountable for the truth. Yes, the Jim Jones kool-aid situations can happen, and even Branch Davidians can spring up in places like Waco, but the power of one individual desiring to do the right thing can bring about the opposite of those two tragic events.

And so my biggest existential question. What do you want to be when you grow up? It doesn’t matter because as beings in the presence of God our life circumstances are not insurmountable, and no failure is too great to hamper us from fulfilling a purpose.

I chose to clean houses, blog, be a husband and father, and in that existential answer I engage the world in a powerful way.

It makes my Labor Day delightful, and I rest in front of the television knowing that for one day all strivings cease.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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