Vacation 2012

When respite is found in the Seaside area I find it a joy to return to work. Vacation does that for you. 30A is always a welcomed friend I find R & R, and it draws me closer to my wife and daughter as we eat at wonderful places like Summer Kitchen in Rosemary. The Red Bar is to die for, and I must tell you they have a shuttle transporting customers from a larger parking lot not far away. A sigh of relief I know. Especially since you go there with everyone else after a day on the beach.

I was joking with a client the other day about how most people will go outside their hotel or condo to see the scenery, but I walk into a place, and I want to see how they made the beds, folded the towels and displayed the soap, shampoo and conditioner. This trip was not an exception.

Although our balcony view was 5 blocks from the beach the view was very nice of the indigenous Emerald Coast trees, a beautiful plaza below and the delightful homes that were being built in Watersound.

We had to split our time between two condos because we were late in booking our first choice, but Watercolor Inn did not disappoint. Take a look at our second condo. It was in Watercolor Inn’s Gatehouse in Watersound which is 6 miles east of Watercolor Inn. We were delighted, and dare I say we found a new spot in Seaside.

As you overlook the pillows on the bench, and the bag of trash you’ll see Watercolor is serious about pleasing it’s clients.


We were so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience that not only am I endorsing Watercolor Inn here at Tomlinson Cleaning, but I’m taking my family back to the Gatehouse next year to unwind for a full vacation. Provided I can book a room in the Gatehouse because as I surfed Watercolor Inn’s website pertaining to the Watersound properties it looks as if all condos are booked through July of 2013, but I hope I’m wrong. They may only book 6 months in advance on the website, but a phone call might solidify a spot for some more R & R.

Here are some more pictures of the surrounding area of the Gatehouse.

One of the three pools at Watersound.






The boardwalks are gorgeous, and it doesn’t take long to walk to the beach from the Gatehouse.

And last but not least I thought this staircase in the Gatehouse was just fabulous, and even more fabulous seeing that I did not have to clean it! 🙂

Well, happy vacationing if you vacation in the fall, but in the mean time, and if you call Nashville home give Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC a try, and just for trying I’ll give you $100.

Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC is a solo operation, and yes, I am insured and bonded.


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