A1 Service?

My training is in religion. When I was in full-time pastoral work I faced things I never learned in a classroom.

As a business man I’ve found the same to be true. I suspect my peers in undergrad school that were studying accounting, finance or administration would echo my sentiments.

When you interact with people in any field or organization the unpredictable will happen.

Case in point happened recently at a Nashville restaurant. We were enjoying a delicious meal, but the customer service was terrible. We are not high maintenance patrons. I consider us to be very easy going, but our attendant flat out ignored requests for condiments and beverage refills. You’ve experienced terrible service at any number of retail establishments, and like me you did not leave a tip.

It was that bad. We will not go back unless a new management sign shows up in the window.

On the reverse side I recently was dropped by a client due to circumstantial reasons, and I suspect those reasons involved the lack of good customer service.

I’m not going to diagram those failings here because I use this blog as positive PR for Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC.

I do think any business owner who is worth their salt is willing to admit failure. All of us customers, employees and owners alike are human beings who get tired, hungry, sad and irritable. It’s bound to show up once in a while in our work.

But at the same time we must know that the actions that come out of those have consequences. The marketplace is a professional atmosphere where the customer must be taken seriously, and when we mistreat a customer, client or patient we damage a wonderful system that makes America great.

There’s no doubt I will mess up again in the future, and there’s no doubt I’ll be let down by someone I give my money to, but I will not allow myself to become paralyzed with fear and not frequent the Nashville business’ I love to frequent.

Hindsight is 20/20, and so I might have tipped at that restaurant I just mentioned had I cognitively reasoned the attendant could have lost a loved one, but on the reverse maybe my message made the next few patrons experience perfect as they enjoyed their meal.

I’m going to do my best to offer A1 service, and whether you buss tables, wash dishes, park cars, lobby on the hill, or do surgery I hope you’ll do the same.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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