Let’s Clean!

As I did some pre-work stretches I gazed up at a ceiling light fixture to see bugs in the glass dome. I made a mental note to remove them during the next rotation. The blinds were dusty as well, but that task happens when time allows. I instead folded clothes I had dried. Extra detail such as light fixture cleaning, blind cleaning and laundry detail happen as the necessity of vacuuming, dusting and mopping make their way to the checked-off list.   I also had another client to clean for the same day. Cutting corners becomes reality when some rooms don’t get vacuumed or hardwoods don’t get mopped. Pet hairs on hardwood are like the black ink in the WSJ. That is warrant for losing a client. I’ve been there and done that. If I kept that up I’d be out of business fast.

Maid service excellence is not rocket science, but it’s not for the lazy either. As every American housekeeper goes about their weekly routines attention to detail can vary, but we all agree that detail is part of the equation. Dusting under picture frames, vacuuming under sofa cushions and removing dust from lamp shades are obvious jobs that need to be done the way an individual looks upon personal hygiene. Housekeeping hygiene can no less enhance personal hygiene, and whether you hire or do your own housekeeping matters little, so long as it gets done.

I’d hate to think about the loss of man hours there are in the marketplace due to poor choices made in the home.

Health is important, and I see what I do as pivotal in helping my fellow Nashvillians have a better quality of life.

And in many cases I see the results of my work right away. It provides me with a personal sense of satisfaction when I can experience what a painter experiences when he or she paints a kitchen or living room.

So give it a try. You may not particularly care for cleaning, but let me say that the hardest part is starting. Once you start I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly it goes by and how happy the results will make you.

And don’t start with the whole house, condo, apartment or flat. Start with one one room, and add a room each Saturday as the case may be.

Bookmark this post, and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy cleaning!


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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One Response to Let’s Clean!

  1. Great advice people expect a lot more from a cleaner that as they are paying for you service you a thorough job must be done in the said time scale

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