Life Song

So, I took the day off today to recup from a very busy week. My arms continue to be sore from the week’s opportunities as I cranked out what Tomlinson House Cleaning does best,  cleaning. Yes, I do a fraction of concierge work that might include shipping for clients who are out of town, but the largest percentage of my work is in, what I deem rewarding, maid service detail. Making Nashville’s hardwood clean, dusting beautiful armoires, and making kitchens less contaminated with bad bacteria drives the black. I love it.

As I made my way around town today taking care of administrative tasks I headed to Brentwood to visit my friend Michael who is a mechanic at Land Rover. My visit was two-fold, so I crossed the street to Publix to get us both some Powerade, and when I entered the garage I asked him which flavor he wanted. He chose the lemon lime, and I asked him to mount a fan on my dashboard. We caught up, and I made my way back across town to pick up my lovely daughter.

As we arrived back at the “office” I got a phone call that a VCR tape I wanted on DVD was ready, so we went to get it. We also enjoyed dinner at Baja Burrito where I saw my dentist, and his family. I made a shameless plug to his wife about getting their business, and we exchanged friendly gaffs as former peers at the same alma mater. Needless to say I thought my sales pitch was appropriate.

As I thought about my work in cleaning, sales and family life I discovered that we over think things to our detriment, and when we allow things to fester and build we give power to those things that should never have power over us. There’s not a blueprint to life, and there are vastly gray areas at every turn that can drive us mad.

I could have easily not gone to see my friend at Land Rover. I could have not spoken to my dentist and his wife, and I could have allowed the pressures of being self-employed drive me to my office, rather then watch an American Girl movie with my daughter. The to-do list, and our own insecurities will always out number the opportunities that present themselves every day, but the challenge is to look fear in the face and march right into it.

Caution is important, and there are times when the backseat is better than shotgun, but when your heart and mind combine to move you to action make sure you act.

You won’t regret it.



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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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