Customer Service

A franchise contacted me that my air compressor is ready. I thanked the gentleman, and I asked him what time they close. He told me 4pm. I was elated they had repaired it because now we can ride bikes this weekend. I was also happy because they’ve had it for a month now, and they did not call me to fill me in on what was going on. I called them twice.

I’m finding a new compressor repair man.

It’s possible I’m not justified in my response. I was servicing an account today, and I stopped to go get the client some coffee because I drink their coffee. It’s good customer service. Before I left to do that I experienced anxiety about them returning before I left, but I made the trade-off to go and get the coffee. I made it back with the coffee, and I serviced the account in due time.

The anxiety was false, but is the dissatisfaction with air compressor man unwarranted? I say no. My thoughts were that he skipped town with my compressor or pawned it after getting $20 from me. I’m justified in my dissatisfaction.

I won’t voice my dissatisfaction, but I will pay my balance and move on.

I leave my wonderful account to travel to Brooks Brothers to buy a power red tie. My customer experience is delightful as always, yet I get to the Starbucks I choose, and I stand there waiting for the barista to scan my debit card over and over before a co-barista punches the number in. Duh. And she has the lying nerve to apologize. Whatever. I take the high road by smiling in response, and go stand to receive my venti mocha.

My point is simple.

It takes equal amount of effort and time to give good customer service as it does bad customer service.

We are all in this together, so rather than frustrate each other can we just try to pay it forward wherever we find ourselves?


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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