Simplify Your Life

I am thoroughly enjoying Simplify Your Life by Sam Davidson. Nashville has been blessed with two insightful work scholars in Sam Davidson and Dan Miller. Their work, I’m convinced, will bless generations to come.

Simplify Your Life is reinforcing the principles that make my work significant, and though I’m not the life of the party I can sit in silence knowing I help families every weekday become more loving families because of the time my service gives back to them. Some things are priceless.

Simplify Your Life, 48 Days To The Work You Love and 48 Days To Creative Income aren’t just books about making money, they bring dreams and passions together to empower you to invest your time, talents, money and desires into something that gives back to others.

Growing your business is good, but if it’s for the sake of making more money then you miss the point of what it means to be a productive member of society, and if that’s the bottom line than I dare say you are on your way to a life compared to Dicken’s Scrooge.

To borrow from the country song, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But enough of my sermon. I like my reference to silence earlier, but being a former pastor I guess I come about the sermon thing honestly. Moving on.

Life and business is about relationship, and when you care about people your business efforts will reflect that value. Simplify Your Life is all about that principle. When you begin to care about who God made you to be that love and concern will show itself in all you do for self and others.

You can’t compartmentalize business from pleasure because as a complete human being simplifying your life means you find work you enjoy. Life Mr. Davison says, it’s a process, and may I add from personal experience that it won’t happen over night. Be patient and loving with yourself. Anger, impatience and grudge holding only makes the bad things in life control you that much more, and love will set you free from those slave masters.

Simplify Your Life: how to de-clutter & de-stress your way to happiness will empower you to make these things I write about part of your life.

Buy a copy today. Go here to buy it.


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