Passionate Pursuits

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my brothers at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness in Orlando.

We stayed in a cabin I rented, and it was a wonderful experience as a customer of the Walt Disney Company.

When my wife, daughter and I stayed at the Clearwater Beach Hilton I focused on how housekeeping went about their work, and ever since then my attention gathers on housekeeping performance when I travel. The big picture approach to house cleaning is important, but I think it’s the details such as this picture I just took at Orlando’s Disney that shows how serious a hospitality company is to it’s patrons.

Grant it, you can go into a maid serviced house, hotel or resort condo, and though they have folded the towels in pretty designs the bathrooms and kitchens are filthy dirty. I’ve experienced those kinds of services, but for the most part I think most companies if they are serious about customer service take their time to deliver the kind of experience I just had with the Walt Disney Company.

Although my brothers and I were there without the kiddos and our wives I was also impressed that Disney is of course focused on kids. The precious way they folded three towels to make Mickey Mouse, and the way they made little animals with wash cloths shows they are focused on making a families’ stay at Ft. Wilderness a good experience. 

The Disney desire to please is evident from small child to mature adult, and if all business’ took to heart what Disney does for their patrons I think we’d see a different economy because people would actually enjoy what they are doing.

Do you enjoy what you do? Or better yet, do you have a passion and dream to do what you do whether you get paid or not. I’m sure there are those in the Disney company that don’t like their jobs, but I did not see it over the Memorial Day holiday.

YOLO, so make what you do something you enjoy, and if you don’t, take the steps to achieve it.

I did.


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