That Darn Dust

I was in my office as I am now, and my 7-year-old spills some soup in front of the refrigerator. I just thought I was done cleaning for the day.

When I pulled my hand-held Oreck out to vacuum up some carrots I gazed at the coil under the fridge to see, literally, an inch of dust on it. The interruption to my administrative work turned into productivity because I can see the fridge is operating even better after dinner as I type this.

I was somewhat incensed at the intrusion, but little bit ended up doing us all a favor as our refrigerator is more efficient now.

In case you haven’t done it be sure to clean the top, back and bottom of your refrigerator.

It’s a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and the more dust you eliminate the better the families’ upper respiratory tracts will function. And it wouldn’t hurt to purchase a good air purifier to clean the air in your home. It’s worth the money, and I happen to know a wonderful mom who sells some great air purifiers.

If you don’t live in the Nashville area we’d be happy to ship it to you. Contact either one of us about these great machines. My wife, daughter and I have benefited from ours for nearly 5 years, and the smell of cigarette smoke from the previous owner is completely gone after a short time of using it. It’s helped my bronchitis, and my daughter’s asthma not be nearly as severe.

In any case, dusting, air purification and regular cleanings are important for every family, so pay attention especially to the amount of dust that accumulates during a weeks time.

In the long run it will cost less for domestic hygiene than visiting a medical professional for care.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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