A Martha Stewart Fan I Am -Yoda

I’ve always been a Martha Stewart fan.

Last Saturday I took my father-in-law to lunch, and I dropped by McKay in Bellevue.

My jaw dropped when I came upon her exhaustive housekeeping resource because of it’s price. It was $2.00. This book is going for $100.00 from some sellers on Amazon, and I waltz into McKay to buy an incredible find.

I think Martha Stewart gets a bad rap. I’m not for one minute going to judge her because she has worked very hard to get where she is. I think when you fail to cheer for those who have attained success in any measure you burn a bridge that you can never get back. You can get it back, but if your heart stays hard in judgement and jealousy thatĀ  bridge will never get built again.

Life and business is about perservearance and participation. There are seasons where everything goes to pot, but those seasons are followed by an abundance of blessings that must be embraced. When you don’t rejoice with those who rejoice you might as well steal a large sum of money from them.

Imagine if all of us got serious about this at work and at home. What would our world look like if we started cheering each other on in our passions and pursuits, and we didn’t begrudge each other when someone was “more” successful than us?

There is nothing uglier than when someone is jealous of another.

Competition is healthy, but winning and losing does not define a human being. A human being is defined by dignity, and each one of us in our respective vocations is given the power to give others dignity.

Let’s stop labeling each other have and have-nots, and let’s be intentional about giving each other dignity as we work, rest and play.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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