Enjoying the Result

A positive thing about what I do professionally is that I am able to have personal conversations with my clients. I don’t have to look over my shoulder to see a boss waiting to tell me to get back to work.

I had a boss who micromanaged me to no end. All of us have had that boss. I’ve probably been that boss, hence a powerful reason I work alone.

It’s heaven.

I joke about saving money when we switched to Geico, and I always add that I could have saved even more had I skipped college and grad school and gone into the domestic arts. There’s a lot of truth to that because as I sit here in my alma mater’s Starbucks I saw two major professors. I’m overcome with shame, but then I think I have nothing to be shameful of because cleanliness is next to godliness. That covers my double major.

And isn’t life about perspective? Perception is reality, and not only am I a productive citizen of Nashville, but I am driving health care costs down all over the city as I rid homes of harmful bacteria.

You’re welcome.

My client/friend and I, that I mentioned above, had a wonderful conversation as we always do, and I think when you let business and pleasure intersect paradoxically you reap a harvest of benefits that empower you in business and pleasure.

Our discourse included the problem we all have in rushing through life, and in the process we miss the benefit of seeing the beauty our hard work creates. That doesn’t just happen in business. It happens in pleasure when we are thinking about what we are going to say, rather than focusing on what the person in front of us is saying. I suppose if you’re a Wall Street trader on the Exchange floor then that’s a good quality to have, but if you are a psychologist called to empower others to sort through their baggage not so much. It’s important I think to savor the results of our work the way we savor a glass of wine. You don’t have to be the President or a snobby wine collector to do this. You can do it right where you are.

I’m a maid man. I’m doing it. You may be a Physical Therapist. You can do the same thing. No task in business or pleasure is exempt from the habit of savoring the beauty found within.

Slow down and give it a try.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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